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Form and Function von Julian Barnard

Buch- One-Persons-JourneyOne Person's Journey - Short stories about Dr. Bach's flower remedies

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300 pages, 38 colour plates of the flowers. With a foreword by Stefan Ball, director of the Bach Centre. VIEW BOOK DETAILS and read what readers say.

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What readers have said about One Person's Journey:

Dear Nicola, I just finished reading your e-book! (May 2018) It touched me on so many levels. I recognised many parallels between your life's journey and mine. Thank you so much for writing this book. It was meant for me. Greetings and best wishes from a German living in NZ." Ullie Aller

"Well done on a lovely literary piece of work – it is really easy yet captively engaging reading.  I really am so happy that I purchased it  - it has educated me, as well as brought enjoyment and even more enthusiasm for the flowers and their powers. Thank you." Liz Olver, BFRP Trainer, South Africa

"This book has such an interesting concept. Each chapter is so touching! As I read, I went through my own experiences and so many situations when I could have used the Bach remedies as near and dear ones suffered and I could do 'nothing' ... I have read many books on the remedies but this one is special."  Roopa Sharma, BFRP, India

"I loved this book, it sometimes moved me to tears. Nicola has done a wonderful thing in writing it - illustrated by all her personal stories and encounters, it sort of zings, as if the energy of the flowers were captured inside the book. The photos are beautiful also." Caroline Oakley, England

"I loved reading this book, it made me smile and tore at my heart too. The book has something to offer to everyone – practitioners as well as people who know little or nothing about the remedies." Tessa Jordan, BFRP, Trainer, England

"I almost cried while reading 'Danke Joris', very well written. In general I actually think it’s a very useful book. Pictures, anecdotes, botanical notes and a quick reference table in the back, what else could one wish for." A.J.H.

"Nicola provides an invaluable opportunity through her personal stories for us to get closer to the Bach flower remedies and in knowing them more, we can also learn more about ourselves. In addition, Nicola is also a gifted botanist and photographer with a keen eye for detail. In this book she has collected botanical notes about Dr Bach’s plants complemented with her fabulous photos. She has woven her personal and professional stories in such an engaging and informative way and made the links to the remedies and the botanical details. It feels very authentic." Lynn Macwhinnie, BFRP, Trainer, England

"I really found the book compelling reading - very insightful and I recognised many states in it, particularly having an immovable view or opinion! It flows really well - it's modest too but very descriptive in terms of emotions." J.W., England

"Since I have received your book I have not let it go! It is incredibly written, interesting and exciting. I have found an even deeper respect towards each flower and can remember them now much better. Your confidence and your biography touch me very much and your honesty gives me a lot for my own personal development. I'm on page 187 and save a story for each day." Esther Derendinger, BFRP Switzerland

This is a lovely book—heartwarming, insightful, and informative. Alternately confessional, poignant, and humorous, the book is a delight to read. Ted Dimon, New York

 "Uff ... gähn… schon wieder ein Bachblütenbuch. Aber ich beginne zu lesen und es packt mich. Obwohl ich nur Schul-Englisch kann, weine und lache ich, ein Gefühlscocktail wie ihn nur die Bachblüten bereitstellen, erfasst mich: Fallgeschichten und botanische Einblicke für den Intellekt, Emotionen und schöne Fotos fürs Gemüt und eine spannende Biographie. Wunderschön, ehrlich und unterhaltsam! Man darf in das Leben eines Bachblüten-Menschen (auf gut Neudeutsch: Practitioner) hineinschauen. Danke - ein schönes Buch!" Monika Urbanski, BFRP, Trainer

 "Wie auch schon in den Seminaren bewundere ich Nicolas treffsichere Art, die typische Charakteristik einer Blüte zu beschreiben. Das Buch ist mit einer erfrischenden Offenheit und großer Authentizität geschrieben. In „Speedy Gonzales“ und anderen Kapiteln erkannte ich einerseits Aspekte von mir wieder (was mich bisweilen zum Lachen brachte), andererseits wurde mir auch bewusst, dass ich bei mir selbst für manche Blüten „betriebsblind“ war – ist meine häufige Schlüsselsuche nicht auch ein bisschen Clematis? Tatsächlich hat mich das Buch sehr motiviert, selbst wieder regelmäßiger die Blütenessenzen zu nehmen (statt nur in extremen Krisenzeiten). Als Apothekerin freue ich mich auch über die botanischen Details der einzelnen Pflanzen und die wunderschönen Fotos machen Lust, in der Umgebung nach Bachblütenpflanzen zu suchen. Ein sehr gelungenes Werk, welches ich sicher immer mal wieder in die Hand nehmen werde." Gabriele Knauber-Idler, BFRP




The Botany of Edward Bach's plants

Sunday, 11th October, in Liege, Belgium.

Die Kunst ein achtsames Beratungsgespräch zu führen

3.- 4. Oktober 2020

€ 155,00 Berufliche Weiterbildung, BC-ACE* MwSt. befreit.

Zeiten: Samstag, 13:30h - 19h, Sonntag 10h - 15.30h.

Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 8.

Tagungsort: Erwinstr.10 in Freiburg

What readers say about One Person's Journey

"I loved reading this book. It made me smile and tore at my heart too.
Tessa Jordan, BFRP, UK

“Each chapter is so touching!” Roopa Sharma, BFRP, India

"Wonderful, honest, entertaining.” Monika Urbanski, BFRP, Austria

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