Who gets angry and why?

Holly is often thought of as the remedy of choice when looking for a remedy for anger. But Holly is only for the jealous, aggressive, envious, suspicious type of anger. It is the spikey type of anger, like the plant.Holly bachblüten


There are other remedy states that include anger in the negative state, let’s take a look:


Someone in a negative Impatiens state will get angry if they are held up; they feel annoyed and tense due to impatience. I have yet to understand why men suffer from this type of anger more frequently than women while driving a car, especially at traffic lights and roundabouts ;-) Impatiens Bach flowerA Vine person can get furious if someone does not follow their orders and do what they say. I really truly know someone who says “if you did what I said, we wouldn’t have any arguements.” Huh!
vine bachblütenThe Beech state involves intolerance. So a person needing this remedy can get infuriated by the shortcomings of others, it is an indignant, sharp, annoyed, critical displeasure.Beech Bachblüten

Chicory is the state of ‘needy love’ – someone giving to their loved ones with expectations coupled to their ‘love’; their loving attention has a coercive quality. If they feel they have given much but not enough is coming back they can feel offended, a smouldering type of demonstrative, demanding exasperation.

Chicory bachblütenThe Willow anger is also smouldering, someone has been hurt and they are bitter and offended. It is the anger of resentment, but it is a quiet indignation that they swallow and may only show non-verbally.

Willow bachblütenCherry Plum is a rather extreme state, someone is so tense, they feel could explode and do something they will regret. So there might have been something that has made them furious. A small child having a paddy has a Cherry Plum state, they can be difficult to reach when they freak out.

flipping out and a dad dealing with itThe Vervain anger is fuelled by a sense of identifying with something that is wrong in their opinion. Think of the angry emotions that flow in demonstrations against nuclear weapons or war or more recently against Donald Trump. The Vervain anger is fuelled by a keen sense of justice.

Vervain Bachblüten

So, remember to think where does the anger come from? when looking for a remedy to deal with anger!

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Hi Nicola, I just came across your site and must say that you really write interesting post about the Bach flowers.

I wish you a lot of success with your blog and your methods!
best wishes
Nicole :)

Thank you for your posts!
Good to read, good to think about them.
kisses from Brasil

Great to hear form you Monica and sending best wishes to Brasil!
Probably the most comprehensive description of the various anger triggers I've been blessed to read. I'm privy to them ALL!
That's good to hear Christie!

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