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Looking forward to 2022

Some of Edward Bach’s flower remedies are for acute emotional states such as Rock Rose (panic), or shock, (Star of Bethlehem). There are remedies at the other end of the scale which are for more long-term and less dramatic states of mind. The tendency to procrastinate, (Hornbeam) or Wild Oat (uncertainty over one’s direction in life) for example. Wild Oat is a remedy that I often think of in connection with welcoming a New Year.

The topic of Wild Oat is doing what you really, truly want to do or, in the negative state not finding your path in life. When I teach the remedies in Level 1-3 courses, I often use the artist Vincent Van Gogh as an example of a negative Wild Oat state. It was only when he was 26 that van Gogh decided to become a painter. Before that, he had been a teacher, a pastor, an art dealer, and a bookkeeper. All the attempts at finding a career in these realms were unsuccessful and thank Wild oat Bachblütengoodness for that. The following quote of his shows us though, how he suffered in his Wild Oat state before he found his true calling as an artist:

What preys on my mind is simply this one question: what am I good for, could I not be of service or use in some way?’

Since 2002 I have been using the Getting Things Done self-management methodology of David Allen. At the end of the year, I review the last twelve months and look forward to the coming twelve. I see this as a kind of anti-Wild Oat activity, keeping me on track that I’m doing what I really want to do. Here are some of the questions I will be asking myself on 31 December and 1 January and I wanted to share them with you, perhaps you’ll also find them inspiring:

Creating the New Year

What would you like to be your biggest triumph?

What advice would you like to give yourself?

Would you be most happy about completing?

What would you most like to change about yourself?moon rise 1

What are you looking forward to learning?

What will your biggest risk be?

What about your work, what are you most committed to changing and improving?

What is the one, as yet underdeveloped talent you are willing to explore?

What brings you the most joy and how are you going to do or have more of that?

What one word would you like to have as your theme in the coming year?

One of my big projects in 2022 will be a crowdfunding campaign to enable me to write a book using the findings of my doctoral research. I’d be delighted if you consider supporting that campaign, you can sign up to be informed when the campaign goes live here.

My next Bach Centre approved course 'mindful communication' starts in February, details are here. It would be my pleasure to welcome you on the course, two places are still free.                                         

All that remains is for me to wish you a fulfilling 2022, may you flourish while on your true path in life, and above all, stay healthy. sdr




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Very thought provoking Nicola! I love the questions, and what an excellent example in Van Gogh! A very happy and successful 2022!

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Alongside the Bach flowers, photography is one of my passions. Follow me on Instagram where I share my photos. Another passion is writing, and you will find many stories relating to my experiences with Edward Bach's amazing remedies in my book One Person's Journey.





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